When To Switch To Convertible Car Seat?

There are recommendations when you want to shift or upgrade to a new car seat. The car seats manufacturers have to comply with the newly set standards from time to time to ensure child car seat safety while traveling. These standards are set based on the crash test comparison made on different car seats. The recent recommendation is to do more with parents who want to shift their babies from infant car seats to a convertible car seat. Whether you are using an upgraded version of your infant car seat or shifting to convertible car seat both have different functionalities. The infant seat can be removed and easily installed in another vehicle and it acts like a carrier for your baby. The convertible car seat is much heavier to carry and not easily transportable. Have a look at this article that talks about two popular convertible car seat models.

When you have to carry your child from hospital to home, both infant car seat and convertible car seat will be of great use for you. However, an infant car seat will not be to accommodate your growing child once he crosses the height and weight limits. At this juncture, the parents have to upgrade their child car seat to an appropriate one.  The convertible car seats can be adjusted to the child’s height and weight as an infant and later readjusted to the growth of child. The limits vary from one brand to another; however the maximum limit on weight is 40 lbs and 30 inches on height. Since most of the children reach the maximum height limit within 15 months, the safety standards recommend that children should be at least a year old before switching to convertible car seat. Though some car seat reviews say that convertible car seats are safer when compared to infant car seats based on crash test reports, a child has to be seated in rear facing as long as possible. Therefore rear facing car seats are still recommended.