What is a Sex Swing

Usually, when a couple is looking to spice up their sex life, they turn to sex toys. Some of the more adventurous types of sex toys are sex swings. Chances are, you’ve probably heard of them, but don’t know what exactly they are. Well, to put it simply, a sex swing is a swing or harness made for the purpose of having sex on it. So, how does this work? The usual way it works is one partner sits on the swing, and the other remains on the ground, doing all the work. The person on the ground can be sitting or standing.

You can install a sex swing in a number of different places. For example, you can hang them from the ceiling, on your door frame, practically wherever you like. There are even models that come with their own frame.

Why are sex swings useful?

There are a number of practical reasons why sex swings can be useful. For instance, if a couple has a significant height difference. Also, another reason would be if one of you is injured. But even if your heights are perfectly aligned, or you’re both perfectly mobile, sex swings can be a lot of fun.

Are there different types of sex swings?

Yes, there are a number of different models of sex swings. You can buy a sex swing at cumswingwithme.com: here. The key to choosing the perfect one is first considering how much space you have available. Then when you’ve established the size, you should also consider whether you want a permanently installed sex swing or one you could easily put away. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you can choose from a variety of different models:

  • Door sex swings are practical for couples who like to be discreet about their sex life. You can easily put this model of sex swing away. It’s installed on the doorframe. But make sure your door frame is strong enough to handle the weight. This sex swing can carry up to 200 pounds.
  • Hanging sex swings are less discreet since they hang from your ceiling. This model of sex swing requires specific hardware for hanging it safely from the ceiling. The beam that you attach it to has to be sturdy or else you could have enormous infrastructure problems.
  • Self-standing sex swings come with their own stands. Although they do take up a lot of space, they’re perfect if you don’t want to worry about ruining your interior. These sex swings can usually fit both partners on them, but they do have a weight limit. The good thing about self-standing sex swings is that they’re easily taken apart and hidden away.
  • Body swings are pretty self-explanatory. One partner wears the swing, and the other is held by the harness and by the partner. That requires the person wearing the harness to be able to support their partner’s weight, so be careful. For this reason, it’s best to be close to a bed, just in case.

Other considerations before purchasing a sex swing


  • How much weight it can hold. Will both of you be using it, or just one?
  • Installation. Will you be purchasing a sex swing that requires installation on the ceiling or one that has its own stand?
  • Comfort. Do you want an added headrest or cushion?
  • The number of straps. Do you need added straps for your thighs and arms?
  • Model of the sex swing. Do you want a simple model or an adjustable model?
  • The budget. Do you want to start with a cheap one and go from there, or do you want to invest in a premium model straight away?


Now, once you’ve done your research, give it a try. Who knows, it could prove to be a turning point in your sex life. You can buy a sex swing at cumswingwithme.com: here