Tips on Buying a Night Vision Security Camera

With the increased crime rate, it has become a necessity to install a security system in your house. There are numerous advantages of a security system. It makes you feel safe and keep the thieves at bay.

While purchasing a security camera, you need to consider numerous factors. To make things easy for you, we have come up with effective and efficient tips on buying advice for the best home security cameras.

Tips and Tricks for Buying the Best Camera System

Below are some effective tips to choose the best night-vision security camera.

Decide between Black and White or Colored Camera

Users who have sufficient light during the night should opt for colored cameras. Although colored cameras have lower resolution in comparison with black and white, but they make it possible for the user to identify the subject’s hue, car color, hair, and clothing. If you have really bad lighting condition, then a black and white camera is the best shot. The colored camera systems that offer high video quality in bad lighting are usually very complex and expensive.

System Connectivity Type

Users’ need to choose between three different camera connectivity types and the choice mainly depends on the condition and environment. If the security system is indoor, they should opt for the wired camera system, as feature BNC or DIN connection ports and high image quality. Wireless camera systems are less expensive and they are best for small locations. Lastly, we have the Internet Protocol network camera. Here each camera is treated as an individual device connected to the router.

Outdoor or Indoor System

This mainly depends on the user’s needs. If you opt for an outdoor camera system, ensure that it is dustproof, waterproof and works in all weather conditions. Indoor cameras do not require weatherproofing and you can install it in plain sight.

Number of Cameras in a System

If you using the camera security system for your home, we believe 2-4 cameras will be enough to provide sufficient coverage. If you have a bigger place, opt for a system that has more cameras in it.

Light Sensitivity and Lux

The camera ability to capture images under different lighting condition depends upon the Lux rating. We suggest that you opt a night-vision camera security with as low of a Lux rating as practical.