New vs Pre-Owned Yachts: How to Decide Which Type of Yacht to Buy

Everyone wishes to own the best whether is it’s on sea or land and that’s the reasons the yacht sales are increasing by the day especially the superyachts. Nowadays one can even check out the different types of yachts in various online sites. The yachts from 4Yacht are quite popular. All the information you need about them is available at your fingertips.

The eternal questions one faces that have the love for sea and sailing is that whether they should get a brand new yacht or they should go for refurbishing the old one?

There’s nothing like buying a new boat as it would come with the latest updates, options, gadgets, warranty, and equipment. In addition to this, they would have the service support from the manufacturer. The negative aspect of going for a new boat is the price and the delivery time.

The order book for the new yachts are filling up fast and the waiting period for a yacht is up to 2 or 3 years for the delivery or at times even longer. If you plan to go for refurbishing the old one, it takes only very less time half of what it takes to order for a new one and the buyer of the boat can start enjoying his yacht much earlier rather than having to wait for years and spending a lump sum on the new one.

However, the disadvantage of going for a refit is that it is not typically possible for you to get a replacement for every part. There are few parts which would have broken because of age but at times it would be tough to find the exact replacement.

Ultimately the question of going for refit or buying a new one depends mainly on the availability of finance as there’s a huge price difference between both the options.