The best guide: Buying toddler and baby toys

There are so many toys in the market can you choose from. Are you trying to decide what to buy for your toddler? The best toys are also the most basic and familiar. Think before you buy.


  • Does your child love taking apart toys and putting them back together?

Children of all ages respond well to construction, and they are famously prone to destroy as well. Why not get them a toy that is meant for exactly that? Choose open-ended toys like Legos or building blocks and watch your child build a bridge, spaceship or high rise. Challenge his imagination!

  • Does your child’s toy have an expiry date?

Why buy toys that your child will play with for a few days and lose interest in? Get them dollhouses, action figures, trucks and trains instead of teddy bears and Barbie dolls. A younger child may use these for roleplaying whereas when they grow older, they may reuse these toys as decorations for other structures they make.

  • Combine learning and fun into one.

Learning does not have to be boring. Plenty of toys will involve your child to go deeper and explore. Create a challenge that they have to solve. This will not only engage them to be more proactive and increase creativity, the problem solving skills will make them sharper and give finer motor skills. Various art materials, puzzles, play dough will titillate your child’s mind into learning.

Toy review experts suggest you to not expend excessively and avoid introducing motorized toys and video games to your child too early. They are prone to disassociating a child from social interactions and are too immersive and addictive. Instead construct them their own kingdom of creativity and imagination and watch them grow into beautiful and healthy adults.…

Why Buying Second Hand Toys is a Great Idea for Kids

There are loads of reasons to buy children toys, like Lego Ninjago sets and even more reasons to buy them second-hand toys. There are billions of toys made every year in the USA and with so many toys being made it’s a great idea to save money and buy reused toys to help lower the production of new toys. When resuing toys and possibly donating in the process you teach your children about saving money and being generous to those who need it most.

3 Reason to Buy Second Hand Toys

  1. Every Child needs to learn about buying and have an understanding of where toys come from, how they are made and the impact this has on the world both locally and abroad. This helps children learn about knowing that their actions have consequences and that moderation is needed when buying gifts both for themselves and for others.
  2. Learning to be generous is important for children and when generosity is combined with philanthropy this helps children learn to be wholesome members of the community.
  3. Reducing our carbon footprint is important and with global warming, it is important to be conscious about purchasing decisions, which is why second hand toys is a fantastic way to help reduce global warming.

There are the main three ways I think considering to buy second hand toys can be a great way to teach your children some fantastic life lessons. Children are quick and easy to want more and more without understanding that this desire for more products has an impact on themselves and the world both locally and abroad.

There are some fantastic programs like toys for Tots or which try to make a difference for the kids and the community they provide a service for. They have loads of different types of toys and every year they donate to children’s charities, which make Christmas special for kids all over the world.…