Best acne treatments that are right for your skin type

One of the worst afflictions to have is acne, it makes everything on your face look worse, the features of clear skin is one of the most scientifically attractive features so acne can seriously screw up your chances of landing a date for prom for example. You need to know what types of treatments that are right for home remedies and your skin type. Here are three great acne treatments that most people can do right at home that work with most skin types. Chances are you will need more intense acne treatment, in that case – if you need acne skin care go here.

First type of at-home acne treatment is Aloe Vera gel, you can find these in most Asian stores in the US and they sell them in bottles with gel inside them. Use them occasionally and perhaps even in combination with other acne treatments to get a compound effect. They sell pretty cheap too so it shouldn’t be an issue with money to get them.

The second type of at-home acne treatment is Green tea, using a green tea mask which you can purchase again at a variety of Asian stores across the world helps nourish and moisturize your skin. This kind of mask is widely used across Europe effectively and it should work well with mild to moderate acne.

The last type of at home treatment is the use of any sort of lotion cream designed to work on your face, these contain Benzoyl Peroxide which helps stem the growth of bacterial matter on your face which propagate acne in the first place. Using this may require you to get a permission slip from your doctor depending on the country or it may be an OTC cream, these usually are best suited for cases in which a doctor can recommend usage.