Tips Choosing the Best Dog Harness or Puppy Harness for Your Dog

Harness and collar are always useful for controlling your dog. But a collar always seems more restrictive and it may be painful often for your dog as it only covers your dog’s neck area and pulling from there may be rude. So a harness works best because it goes all around your dog’s armpit and chest area and pulling gets easy for him.

There Are Lots Of Factors In Choosing A Harness-

#1 Choose The Type

There are various types of harness and the most common ones are Standard and No-pull harness. A standard harness is the most preferred as it goes around your dog’s back and chest area. So the pull doesn’t feel hard on the neck. A no-pull harness is also good, but it is less preferred as the harness covers majorly the armpit area and the neck.

#2 Size And Fitting

There are different dog breeds and so you should choose as per your dog’s sizing. The fit should be perfect that means not too tight and not too loose. Take care of your dog’s ribcage and check any irritation from time to time.

#3 Padded Harness

Nowadays, padded harnesses are available too. Tese harnesses use a padded concept around the straps, so it does not create any irritation on your dog’s skin and keep even the small breeds non-irritant and happy.

#4 Flexibility

Flexibility should also be considered as it depicts the freedom of movement that a harness gives to your dog when he moves. Always check how better a harness adjusts as per your dog’s moves. Check the material as well, it should not be a cheap one else your dog will have to endure all the pain and that is not what you want. Last week, I got a harness here for my small dog and it works perfectly fine with him. He is happy and does not seem irritant with it.

How to Choose The Best Dog Harness…