Human Health Benefits of Organic Food and Organic Agriculture

There are many health benefits associated with organic foods, despite what many people say, there is some worth in shelling out a few extra dollars to get the organic version of your favorite food instead of the normal version. Read more to find out:

  • Organic food does not have any nasty chemical residuals on it

Many normal versions of fruit, vegetables and the such will have nasty chemical residuals on it that don’t do well at all for your body, organic food is not treated with pesticides and growth hormones or the such and will have far less chemical residuals lurking on the surface than the regular kinds.

  • Organic food is fresher because of lack of preservatives

Lack of preservatives means that stores MUST keep Organic food fresh or else it will spoil, so Organic food is much fresher than non-organic food in almost all cases. Not only that but lack of preservatives means that organic food is healthier in general than non-organic variants

  • Organic meat is free of anti-biotics and growth hormones

Organic meat is mandated to be free of anti-biotics (which can cause anti-biotic resistance) and growth hormones (which are unhealthy for developing children). The lack of such chemicals is great for your body but also for the bodies of your children as well.

  • Organic beauty products are better for the skin

Having less odd chemicals (which most people can’t even pronounce) is great for your skin, try out some products from Primitive Outpost if you want some organic makeup/beauty products.

  • Organic farming is better for the environment

Organic farming reduces pesticide usage, conserves water, reduces electricity and energy usage and reduces pollution. Which is overall much better for the environment overall than non-organic analogs.…