7 Tips Choosing the Best Healthy Detox

It’s a Monday, and like usual you’ve gotten 8 and a half hours of sleep yet you still find yourself having to drink coffee almost every 2 hours just to stay awake, you exit your workplace and go to the gym only to find yourself struggling with weights that a 15-year-old could manage. You have a headache at 8 pm and find yourself still struggling to fall asleep at the much later than anticipated time of 9 pm as your insomnia manages to keep you up for another 30 minutes until you finally doze off into an unproductive and strained sleep riddled with episodes of Sleep Apnea, you finally wake up, late, and totally not ready to trudge through another day at work. Does this experience describe you? If it does, it’s perhaps time that you try to detoxify your body. We have written this great article to give you 7 tips on choosing a good detox.

  • Low Carb Detox?

Try going on a low carb diet along with your detox, you will lose weight incredibly quickly in the first 2 weeks (I went from 232 to 207 in around a month to give you a clue how fast I lost weight). This is a kind of dieting you can do at home as in it’s quite easy to start doing as long as you have the motivation and will.

  • Low Sugar detox

Sugar dehydrates you and causes insulin rushes that make you feel incredibly tired, hence why you should try detoxing by eating and consuming less than 10g of sugar a day. Sounds hard? Well get used to it!

Other Detox tips:

  • High Vitamin Detox
  • High protein Detox (workout A LOT while doing this)
  • High water detox
  • No food detox
  • Anti-oxidant detox