5 Tips On How To Choose A Drug Testing Kit For Workplace Safety

Here are some tips on how to do a good drug testing kit for workplace safety. Especially if you are a owner of a business that hires poor people, such as something like a fast food chain or a liquor store or an auto body shop in the inner cities of Detroit, St. Louis. Chiraq, or Cleveland, your employees will not be the cleanest people.

There will be a lot of employees who come to work stoned or even high on much worse drugs like cocaine. Obviously that is not good for productivity or the reputation of your valuable business so this is why you might want to be able to drug test your employees. However cost obviously plays a factor in here since if you are googling this question chances are you are a small business owner who doesn’t have particulary deep pockets.

You want the best workplace drug testing kit for the cheapest price. Fortunately for you, you have come to the right place – more at exit-5. We are experts at drug testing because that is literally what we make an sell. We have several kits that will last you a year that come at around 500 dollars, which is enough for 50 employees. If you have less employees, there are some packages that are cheaper. Nobody likes employees who are on drugs, especially the government. If one of your employees gets caught for poession of drugs and lands himself a tough prison sentence, that is not good since you lose a worker which you spent a lot of money on training increasing your turnover rate which is basically never good for any business to have a high worker turnover rate. You need to be very careful when hiring workers and that is when the drug test really comes in.